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Treatment with botox for wrinkles is one of our most popular treatments at Dr. Nina’s clinic in Marbella. Those who have tried Botox understand why!

It’s absolutely brilliant! The treatment can improve your insides and outsides in a short time! Does that sound a bit strange?

Let me explain.


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By placing Botox in our muscles, we can achieve a variety of results. For example, it decreases the wrinkles on the face, and we can look many years younger! 

Your inner health and well-being can also improve by getting botox in muscles that you constantly use and tighten. Such as the jaw or glabella (commonly known as the 11’s). By doing so, you can minimize headaches and feel more relaxed around the face.

Studies have even been done that show Botox can help with depression (study). Apparently, if you do not contract your frown muscles throughout the day, then you feel better inside as well.

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What is Botox used for?

How does it work?

Botox is designed to smooth out wrinkles that are a direct result of muscular activity in the facial area. The moving facial muscles are what produce facial expressions. In the area where the skin folds, these continuous muscle movements create lines and wrinkles. 

With the use of botulinum toxin, the nerves that send signals to the muscles are blocked. Therefore, the muscles are unable to contract, which leads to wrinkle softening and relaxation.

What happens during the Botox procedure?

With a very fine needle called a micro-needle, Botox is injected. The muscles that are causing creases and lines on your skin are where the microneedle is placed.

With years of comprehensive knowledge and experience in facial anatomy, Dr. Nina and the staff provide the best Botox treatment in Marbella. They can precisely target the exact muscles causing unwanted wrinkles and lines.

Due to the small size of the needle, there is very little discomfort or pain when getting Botox treatment. Some patients may feel a slight burning sensation or stinging; however, it passes very quickly. The treatment is completed within minutes at the Marbella clinic.

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How do you look directly after a Botox treatment?

Right after the treatment, you will see small red dots on the skin. These go away after a few minutes. You can continue your day just as usual and return to work without anyone noticing.

That is why the treatment is called “The Lunch Break Treatment” in the United States.

How long do the results last after a treatment with Botox?

Botox lasts around three to six months. The results vary from person to person. There are some factors that play into how long the results last.

Is Botox dangerous?

Some customers feel a bit concerned about their first treatment. But it’s important to keep in mind that Botox is a well-tested drug that is used all over healthcare, such as to treat spasticity and muscle cramps in children.

In healthcare, they are used in much larger doses than the ones we give on the face. As long as you go to a safe clinic with knowledge and experience in the subject, the risks are few.

What side effects can you expect from Botox?

The side effects you can get from Botox are low and often transient. Smaller bruises can occur if a vessel is nicked.

Some people also feel like they have a little weight on their forehead in the first few weeks after treatment of the forehead muscles.

This is temporary, and if you have experienced it, you can take a slightly smaller dose at the next treatment to reduce this feeling.

In rare cases, Botox can come into contact with a nerve that controls the eyelid, especially when treating the glabella. This causes temporary issues, such as obliquely hanging eyelids. Therefore, it’s important not to exercise for 24 hours after the treatment so this does not happen.


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Botox Before and After Results

Before and after botox brow video

Look at the natural results after Botox treatments on the forehead and crow’s feet in Marbella!

You no longer have to search for the “best Botox clinic near me” when Dr. Nina & Partners are in Merbella. They can provide the best customized service to achieve your desired look.

What should I consider after a Botox treatment?

After treatment, it is good to avoid lying down for a couple of hours and avoid direct sunlight, the solarium, or extreme temperatures during the day.

Exercise should also be avoided for 1-2 days. You should preferably not do any facials or facial massages for two weeks.

All this should be kept in mind so that the botox does not migrate from the injection site.

Do you become completely stiff from Botox?

It is possible to customize doses according to your wishes. If you want some movement left in your muscles, just ask, and we’ll use a smaller dose.

Can you become immune to Botox?

In rare cases, some may become immune to Botox, especially if treated too often. There should be at least 3 months between your treatments.

However, there is a new kind of botulinum toxin that you cannot become immune to and that we can order if you feel that you no longer get the desired effect from your treatment.

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Can you enlarge the lips with Botox?

If you feel that your upper lip will disappear when you smile, a lipflip treatment with botox can make the lip appear more prominent when smiling. You can also lift the lip outline slightly.

The lips don’t actually become larger; instead, more of the lip becomes visible. If you desire bigger lips, fillers containing hyaluronic acid provide a more suitable alternative.

I want to tattoo the eyebrows; will Botox be a problem?

Injecting Botox into the brow area can potentially impact the shape and position of your brows, which could interfere with the tattooing results.

To ensure the best outcome, it’s generally recommended to wait at least two weeks after getting your eyebrows tattooed before getting Botox injections

This waiting period allows your tattoo to heal properly and settle, reducing the chances of any Botox-related issues in the tattooed area.

To make sure you make the right decision, it’s a good idea to talk to both your tattoo artist and the medical professional who administers your Botox. They’ll be able to give you personalized advice based on your specific situation and help you make the best choice about the timing of your eyebrow tattoo and Botox treatment.

I plan to get pregnant; can I perform the treatment then?

Absolutely! You can definitely go ahead with a Botox treatment if you’re trying to get pregnant or undergoing IVF. However, it’s crucial to be certain that you’re not already pregnant. 

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, it’s generally advised to avoid all beauty treatments as a precautionary measure. So, before considering any beauty treatments, it’s important to prioritize the safety of you and your baby.

When should you not be treated with Botox?

You should avoid treatment if you have a neurological disease. You should also not have an infection in the area to be treated, but it is better to wait for it to heal.

Talk to a trained doctor about Botox in Marbella to see if it is right for you.

I want to treat the forehead with Botox; do I have to treat the 11’s then?

To achieve a smooth forehead, it’s crucial to pay attention to the area between your eyebrows, known as the glabella. Treating both the forehead and glabella is important because they complement each other. 

If you neglect the glabella, it can create an imbalance. You may experience a sense of heaviness or notice a distinct line above the glabella due to ongoing movement in that area, while the forehead remains unaffected. So, remember to address both areas for a balanced and natural result.

Safe Clinic

At our clinic in Marbella, we understand that customers prioritize their safety and well-being during treatments.

All our injection specialists are experienced doctors with extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and the ability to handle any potential complications that may arise.

We strive to ensure that you receive the highest level of expertise and care throughout your treatment.

To provide you with peace of mind, our clinic holds both patient and responsibility insurance.

Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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